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0.002mmGap can be Detected Reliably!!


Enables accurate determination of
seating and confirmation of adhesion
under harsh working conditions.

± 1µmRepeatability

10 times higher accuracy than conventional products!!
Adhesion and seating of detected objects can be confirmed without contact!!

IP67Protective Structure

Able to work under harsh conditions, which allows for installation inside the machine tools.
Enable to shorten air piping, which improves response speed, and realizes higher accuracy!!


  • IP67の保護構造。クーラントが飛び散る工作機械機内での設置が可能。

    Allows for installation inside of the machine tools, where coolant is splattered.

  • エア配管が短くなることで、応答速度が速くなり、高精度化が実現。

    Shortened air piping improves response speed and realizes higher accuracy.

  • ワークと治具の2~80µmスキマを、±1µm繰返し精度で、安定して検出。

    Reliably detects the gap of 2 to 80μm between the detected object and the jig with its ±1μm repeatability.

Kaizen Case Studies for Confirmation of Seating and Adhesion.

Machine Tool Industry

?I have some problems with the precision of air sensors for seating confirmation.

!Stably detects 0.002 mm gap!
Leave high-precision confirmation of closure to Metrol pneumatic pressure switch.

Switch with IP67 protective structure, it can be installed inside themachine tools, where coolant is splattered.
Shortened air piping improves response speed and realizes higher accuracy!!

Semiconductor Industry

?Detecting the thickness of semiconuctor wafer with Air sensor.
Conventional Air Sensor cannot be installed inside the machining area and the response speed is not satisfactory.

!IP67 protective structure!!
Metrol DPA-A2 can be used for applications such as, accurate confirmation of seating or confirmation of adhesion in harsh environment.

IP67 enables to install in the Grinding machine and shorten the tube pipe improves the responsive speed.
Improves the takt time resulting in overall production efficiency!

Product specifications


out demension


Product name DPA-A2
Repeatability ±1µm (tube length: 1.5 m when using a recommended nozzle)
Response speed 0.8second (tube length: 1.5 m when using a recommended nozzle)
Protective structure IP67
Detection distance Adjustable within the range of 2 to 80 mm (10 mm at the factory setting)
Set with the signal point adjustment tab
Operating pressure 0.1 MPa accurate pressure relief valve used
LED Operation: LED ON / Reject: LED OFF
Operating temperature range 0℃ to 60℃ (no condensation)

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