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Pre-purchase inquiries

Here is a collection of frequently asked questions about the purchase and usage of precision positioning switches.
If you cannot find your target answers here, please make an inquiry via the Contact page.

Questions about purchase

  • What product lineup do you have?

    We can provide products suited to various uses and having a range of functions.
    First, please request the Precision Positioning Switch General Catalog here.

  • Where can we purchase your products?

    Placing order here.

  • We need the products immediately. Do you have stock?

    All our positioning switches are manufactured upon receiving an order.

  • Can we purchase one item per order?

    In cases of small-quantity trial purchases, we can sell them directly to you on a cash-on-delivery basis. Please make an inquiry for details.

  • Can we borrow sample products?

    We can lend evaluation samples of some of our products. Please make an inquiry with the Contact Form for details.

Questions about products

  • Are your products warranted?

    The warranty period of our products is one year and three months after purchase or after delivery to the site specified by your company.
    (The first three months is assumed to be the preparation period from the purchase to the start of use.)

  • Are your products compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive?

    Positioning switches carried in our catalogs (standard items) are all compliant with the RoHS Directive.

  • I want to know the pertinent standards and the regulations regarding export.

    Our products are not subject to Export Trade Control Ordinances, CE marks, the Machinery Directive or the Low Voltage Directive.

  • Are custom specification switches available?

    Depends on the quantity and the operating environment, consultation is required. First, please make an inquiry with the Contact Form.

  • Are 3D CAD data available?

    Only 2D CAD data can be provided.