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?Radiation degrades photomicrosensors fast and we have to replace them every two or three months.

Hello, I am an engineer with an atomic laboratory.
I design molecular accelerators used in a large-scale synchrotron radiation facility.

We use photomicrosensors in the positioning of a slit to narrow neutron beams. Sensors cannot be used inside the system because they are affected by radiation, so an intermediate mechanism is installed outside the system for detection.

However, we are experiencing difficulties with the following issues:
1) Sensors deteriorate because of slight radiation even outside the system and they need replacing every two or three months.
2) The precision of detection is naturally low because the detection is made via the intermediate mechanism.
3) The intermediate mechanism makes the system larger.

Are there any methods to position the slit with high precision even under radiation?

!Leave precision positioning under radiation to precision positioning switches.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Leave positioning under radiation to precision positioning switches.

The Metrol radiation-compatible precision positioning switches are of the precision mechanical type made with materials that can be used under radiation. They do not include electronic components, so they are not damaged by radiation.

By incorporating the switches into the system and making them touch the slit directly, the following can be realized.
1) Elimination of labor required for replacement and repair, because the switches are immune from radiation
2) Repeatability of 1 μm
3) Size and cost reduction of the system requiring no intermediate mechanism

In addition to radiation environments, we have experience of precision positioning switches used in a high vacuum or magnetic fields.
If you have any problems with positioning in special environments, please consult Metrol.