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?Air sensor is low accuracy that confirming adhesion of Precision Component for PC cannot be done properly…

Hello, I am machining Precision Component for PC with Machining Center.

I use air sensor to confirm adhesion between the base and the fixture, but it cannot detect 10μm uplift as the sensor accuracy is 50μm.
Also, installing air pipe is long that responsive speed is slow resulting in increasing tact time. I prefer installing the sensor close to the table inside, but coolant and chips might cause some trouble by doing so. Required accuracy is 10μm as to enable hard disk drive and disk motor fit each other well.

!Air Micro Switch can steadily detects even 10μm uplift and improves precise machining for Precision Component for PC.

Thank you for your inquiry!
If you are looking for seating confirmation of Precision Component for PC to the fixture in harsh environment, Metrol DPA-A2 is suitable for such application.
DPA-A2 applies the principle of air micrometer and has ±1 micron repeatability, which is 10 times better than that of conventional air sensors’. By using the changes in air pressure, it can detect even 2 micron of “uplift” caused by chips reliably.

IP67 enables to install in the machining area and shorten the tube pipe from 5m to 1m.
Improves the response speed from 5 sec to 0.8 sec, and the tact time resulting in overall production efficiency!

Metrol Air Micro Switch “DPA-A2” has been proved for its accurate and stable seating detection and confirmation of adhesion for engine die cast and watch base which require precise machining.
If you are looking for Air Micro Switch that are better, please do not hesitate to contact us for DPA-A2!