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?Using expensive Touch Probes for Updating the wear of Grinding Stone?! Looking for more economical solution…

Hello! I’m an engineer and designer of CNC Grinding machines.

Currently we are using Touch Probes for updating the wear of Grinding Stone but they cost more than 100,000 JPY per Probe, even it is a single detection of the Grinding Stone.

I am looking for contact-type sensors, as the Grinding Stone is stopped during the detection. Are there any economical sensors with the same repeatability of 1μm?

!With 0.5μm repeatability at around 1/10 Price! Reducing your costs with the same specs!

Thank you very much for your inquiry!
Metrol Precision Positioning Switches can also be used for wear updation of Grinding Stone in CNC Grinding Machines!

Cost of around 1/10 of other Touch Probes even with the same 0.5μm repeatability!
Also, with IP67 Protective Structure for coolant and chips environment, it will contribute to reducing the cost for Grinding Stone Wear Updation!

Metrol Precision Switches have been used for detecting and updating the wear in Machining Centers and single measurement for NC Grinding machines!

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