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?Looking for a solution for detecting 10μm of Power steering parts…

Hello! I am an engineer working for a manufacturer of Automobile parts and milled power steering parts using CNC Machining Centers.

We are using Air Seating Sensors to ensure proper seating of the component on the table, but the sensor is having 50μm repeatability and cannot detect the 10μm uplift caused by chips and dust.

Is there any way to meet the requirement of 10μm detection?

!Steadily detects 10μm. Air Micro Switch contributes for precise Milling!

Thank you for your inquiry!

Metrol Air Micro Switch can detect even 10μm uplift with its high repeatability of ±1μm and delivers precise milling and improving the quality of Power Steering parts.

Metrol Air Micro Switch “DPA-A2” has been proved for its accurate and stable seating detection of engine die cast and ABS cylinders, Motor parts after press-fitting in Automobile Industry.
If you are looking for Air sensors that are more reliable, please do not hesitate to contact us for DPA-A2!