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  • Looking for a solution for detecting 10μm of Power steering parts…

  • Using expensive Touch Probes for Updating the wear of Grinding Stone?! Looking for more economical solution…

  • Air sensor is low accuracy that confirming adhesion of Precision Component for PC cannot be done properly…

  • Contact displacement sensors used for measurement inside CNC cylindrical grinding machines cannot survive the harsh internal environment.

  • Radiation degrades photomicrosensors fast and we have to replace them every two or three months.

  • We are experiencing difficulties because the detection of double sheet metal feeding with expensive contact displacement sensors costs too much.

  • False detection of photoelectric sensors results in damage to HDD disks. We are experiencing problems because of the production of defective disks.

  • Radiation degrades optical fiber sensors. Are there any sensors durable under radiation exposure?

  • The switch is not broken but false signals frequently occurs. It is necessary to detect the opening and closing of disk brake pads without fail!

  • Is high-precision positioning for the driving part of equipment possible with stepper motors?

  • The signal point of proximity sensors varies with changes of the external environment.

  • Can small-diameter drills (ø 5 mm) length detection be made more reliable? Laser sensors are prone to fail in adverse environments.

  • We need to correct the deviation of the X-Y axes of the table of semiconductor inspection devices.

  • Can the double feeding of paper as thin as 0.1 mm really be prevented by microswitches?

  • Is there any alternative to contact detection by installing an intermediate unit onto proximity sensors?

  • We have some problems with the presence detection of wafers for semiconductor devices with photoelectric sensors.

  • We need to correct the deviation of printing plates in micron increments.

  • We are experiencing difficulties because proximity sensors cannot achieve high precision for bobbin positioning in automatic knitting machines.

  • Can 1 mm or smaller slight movements of diaphragms be detected stably with switches?

  • There is no mounting space for a photoelectric sensor in workpiece detection with a robot.

  • We are experiencing problems with connectors for optical fiber sensors inside vacuum film forming equipment.

  • Optical fiber sensors detect objects falsely on conveyors.

  • Are expensive touch probes necessary in end face measurement for grinders?

  • Is the zero seek of carriers possible inside vacuum film forming equipment for FPDs?

  • Mutual interference of neighboring proximity sensors prevents stable detection.

  • False detection occurs because of condensation on the lens. We have difficulties because image sensors are easily affected by welding fumes.

  • In workpiece seating confirmation, optical fiber sensors cannot reach trays inside vacuum film forming equipment.

  • The intermediate mechanism installed for the detection of screws in pinholes with a proximity sensor costs too much.

  • Expensive sensors for spring endurance testers? Are there any switches that can be used in automatic stop mechanisms?

  • Are optical fiber sensors the best for glass substrate alignment inside vacuum film forming equipment for FPDs?

  • Ultrasonic sensors cannot reliably detect 0.1 mm-thick sheets if the material type varies.

  • The Z-axis of a desktop robot needs correction.

  • Water drops on the liquid crystal glass cause false detection by optical fiber sensors.

  • I have some problems with the precision of air sensors for seating confirmation.

  • Can the slight movements of valve gates be detected at high temperatures during mold injection?